Video Chat With Santa Claus

Since 2013 “Santa” Ed has been providing video chats with Santa Claus for families, companies, and organizations across the country and around the world. Hundreds of companies including Facebook and Google have featured Santa Ed at their virtual holiday parties and company meetings. The US Embassies in Poland and Costa Rica have had video chats with Santa Ed Taylor for their staff and families. 

Santa Ed has provided video chats for schools ranging from kindergarteners to university students. In fact, here’s a review from a university professor…

“Santa Ed exceeded all possible expectations. He made my university class laugh hysterically, while also providing inspiration and wisdom. Don’t just hire any Santa, hire the absolute best: Santa Ed!”

Michael McLaughlin
Washington University in St. Louis

When children video chat with Santa Ed the reviews look more like this…

“Santa was amazing and my five grandkids were so excited they struggled to get their words out of their mouths.

Santa personalized the call and covered a great number of topics, telling jokes, listening to the kids wish lists, and encouraging them to “give back”.

I would definitely recommend Santa Ed to everyone!

So easy, very professional….answered emails, was on time…..and the reminder system worked so well…”

Daniel Ritchie

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Video chatting with Santa Claus has been gaining popularity for years, then, of course, it exploded in 2020. 

Ed Taylor started portraying Santa in 2003 and in  2007 Santa Ed made his first “Video Chat with Santa”. 

Santa Ed had provided video chats with Santa Claus for many years so when the pandemic hit, and all of the restrictions were implemented, video chats were a very natural and easy option… and by the time Christmas rolled around he had done more than 550 video chats with families, companies, and organizations worldwide. 

Having never done that many video chats in one year before… Santa Ed discovered he loved them even more than he had in the past. Technology has made the entire process so simple and so MUCH fun.

In fact, MANY families & companies Santa Ed served in 2020 have said video chats will be their new tradition for Santa visits and company parties.

Your video chat with Santa Claus can be done via Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc. The default is Zoom and you will receive a link to a Zoom meeting as so as you book your video chat with Santa Ed… if you would like some other than Zoom please let me know after you you have booked your video chat with Santa Claus.