Video Chat with Santa Claus

Video Chat with Santa Claus

For many families, a video chat with Santa Claus has become the new normal… and with good reason. Rather than waiting in line at a mall or sporting goods store children can fearlessly visit Santa from the comfort of their own homes. 

The children have time to not only tell Santa what they would like for Christmas and share some of their accomplishments, and Santa has done his homework, (with the prior help from a parent), so he can congratulate the children on their accomplishments and encourage good behavior.

Rather than a few 5×7 & 8×10 photos the family usually gets a video of the entire conversation, capturing the children’s voices, their wishes, and the entire video chat with Santa Claus. Of course, still photos can be captured from the video to add to digital photo albums, photo displays, and even prints.

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Chats with Santa Claus

Can you Video Call Santa Claus?

YES! Santa Claus is available for video calls all year round. Santa & Mrs. Claus love having video calls with children, and adults, all year long. You can arrange to have Santa and/ or Mrs. Claus on a video call for a birthday party or congratulate a child for an accomplishment, or even encourage good behavior.

How do I call Santa Claus?

Of course, the best way to call Santa or Mrs. Claus is a video call. A video call with Santa triggers the imagination and captures the magic of Santa Claus and the children. The pandemic in 2020 prompted a large increase in ways to call Santa. 

What is the best app to talk with Santa?

Many consider Zoom to be the best app to talk with Santa Claus. Zoom is easy to use and the app can be set to automatically video record the talk with Santa Claus.

Can I get a video recording of my child’s video chat with Santa Claus?

YES! One of the significant advantages of video calls with Santa Claus is the ability to capture the entire conversation on video. We all love to see our children’s photos with Santa Claus, but nothing compares to a video where you can see & hear your child’s voice as he or she gives Santa Claus their Wish List.

Video chats with Santa Claus are fun, easy, and extremely convenient and in most cases, you can get a video keepsake of the entire video call with Santa Claus.


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