Best Virtual Santa Visit

Best Virtual Santa Visit

 The best virtual Santa Claus visits consistently have these 5 elements:

  1. They are free from technical issues. Make sure you have a good internet connection and you are familiar with the platform being used. We consistently have found Zoom provides excellent Santa Claus visits and most people are familiar with how it works.
  2. Santa Claus is prepared. The more information Santa has about the people he will be visiting the better. Ages, favorite activities, recent accomplishments, pets, teachers, elf names, gifts from last year… all of these things, and more, help to create the best virtual visits with Santa Claus. 
  3. Authenticity. It seems like the best virtual Santa visits are the ones that keep the children, (and often even the adults) guessing… “Was that the REAL Santa Claus?” Of course, an authentic look & voice has always been important elements of a Santa visit, as is what Santa actually says during the visit, but now with this video chat technology, there is even more to consider. Will Santa be using a virtual background with chromakey? Will the background look authentic? Or will Santa be using an actual location? Either can be extraordinary… and they each have the potential to be a bit disappointing.  
  4. Length of Best Virtual Santa Visits. Less can be more… but in the case of Santa Claus can you ever get too much? I think the answer to that is probably yes, but I have found that a 12-minute goes by very quickly and even 25 minutes with 3 or more children can almost magically disappear. So when evaluating your best virtual Santa visits options consider those that offer a longer format, they can be extraordinary.
  5. Video Recording. Yes, your virtual Santa Claus visits will be amazing, and YES, you will want to show grandparents and other family members, and the young ones a few years from now, and the boy/girlfriends a few later… and then their children (can you imagine). 🙂   

Since 2013 I have conducted thousands of virtual Santa visits, and I hope the videos of these Santa Claus visits will, in time, become family heirlooms!

Initially, I primarily used Skype for my video chats with Santa Claus, over time I have used all of the popular video conference platforms, Facetime, Facebook, LinkedIn, Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting,  and in the last few years I’ve conducted hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of the Zoom meetings with Santa Claus.

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